Somali Prime Minister reaffirms commitment to anti-al Shabab campaign despite recent setback



Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre stated that the government would not accept anything that distorts the ongoing anti-al Shabab operations in the country, just a few days after Somali forces suffered a setback in military operations in central Somalia.

While addressing the Somali National Army forces in the Adan Yabal district of the Middle Shabelle region on Wednesday, Prime Minister Barre underlined that the war will persist as long as the terrorists remain in the territory of the Republic of Somalia. He called on Somali citizens to support the army and be willing to sacrifice their blood for the country’s liberation.

“This struggle, for which you have shed so much blood, cannot be ignored. Everyone is accountable for their responsibilities; you are the heroes prepared to fight against enemies even in the most challenging circumstances. You are sacrificing for your country,” Prime Minister Hamza emphasized while addressing the army in a public gathering.

The Prime Minister highlighted that a country cannot achieve progress and self-sufficiency if it lacks an army willing to sacrifice its lives to confront every enemy threatening the nation.

Reports indicate that Somali government troops retreated from El Dheer, Masagaway, Gal’ad, and Budbud in the Galgadud region following a deadly al-Shabab attack on soldiers in Cowsweyne village on Saturday.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud denied al-Shabab’s claim that 178 soldiers were killed in the Cowsweyne attack a day ago. Instead, he said that al-Shabab lost the most and buried their dead in mass graves.