Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says he will go to the battle front lines against TPLF


Reports from Ethiopia indicate that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has announced that he will now go to the battle front lines between the federal government forces and the TPLF.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is the Commander-in-Chief of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, and in this message he clearly indicates his intention to lead the armed forces.

The statement came after the executive committee of the Barwaqo party in Ethiopia met yesterday in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia to discuss the latest situation in the country and in particular the conflict between the federal government and TPLF rebels in the north.

Barwaqo party officials also said the party leadership was ready to go to war and take up arms.

Hours after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced he would leave the country tomorrow, TPLF spokesman Getachew Reda posted on his Facebook page that Abiy’s remarks were “humorous” and that they would continue their efforts to lift the embargo on their people.

In the past few hours, Ethiopian federal police forces have been deployed on the border and in the cities to ensure security in the area.

“The security situation in Ethiopia is deteriorating,” the US embassy in Addis Ababa said in a statement.

The US Embassy urges US citizens in Ethiopia to leave as soon as possible.