Jubbaland Ministry of Agriculture launches Greenhouse technology and permagardening project in Kismayo and Gobweyn


The Jubbaland Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has today launched a project in Kismayo and Goobweyn to train some school students on how to grow crops and plant in-school farms for small-scale agriculture with the aim of encouraging people to grow crops and increase productivity.

The Urban Food Security Project funded by the GIZ will improve access to information on nutritious food through introduction of permagardening to communities in Midnimo and Madino settlements in Kismayo district.

The event was attended by Jubbaland Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation Geele Mohamed Adan and Deputy Minister for Agriculture Ugas Ali Sonkor, the Lower Jubba Governor, Kismayo District Deputy Governor for Administration and Finance as well as MP Ali Abdiwahad (Ali Xoog).

Kismayo Deputy District Commissioner for Administration and Finance Abdirashid Abdi Ibrahim said the GIZ has put sincere and tireless efforts in boosting agricultural productivity in Jubbaland state.

“I would like to thank GIZ for its hard work in the field of agriculture, this noble initiativeby GIZ will help see a food sustainable society in Jubbaland state, ” Said Kismayo deputy district commissioner.

Participants who took part at the event underscored the importance of utilizing the natural resources which he said is god given but said the Somali people do not understand how to exploit them viably.

Jubbaland Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation Geele Mohamed Adan said the project is very important to farmers generally in Jubbaland state.

“This project is a combination of several projects, the first of which is to educate the students on how to farm and the other is the Garden Project, all this will be helpful to them”