Godah Barre: Hirshabelle election was rigged and formed “illegally”


Former Somali Federal Minister for Education Abdullahi Godah Barre has strongly opposed the formation of the Hirshabelle administration which recently elected a president, vice president and speaker of parliament.

Abdullahi Godah Barre, a member of parliament from Hiran region, said the people of Hiran would never be satisfied with the way Hirshabelle’s top officials were elected.

He also pointed out that the power-sharing agreement that established the Hirshabelle administration has been completely withdrawn and that it is a great “tragedy” that has angered the people of Hiran.

Godah expressed support for the new Hirshabelle president’s uprising by denying him access to Beledweyne and said the central government had rigged the Hirshabelle’s election.

There is still strong controversy over the policies of the Hirshabelle Administration which recently elected a new president but was opposed by some clans.

The controversy escalated after armed officials from Beledweyne said President of HirShabelle could not go there.