Somali President warns people against tribal defense in corruption trial


Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has cautioned people against resorting to tribal defense for the defendants accused of corruption, whose trial is currently underway in Mogadishu.

President Mohamud addressed the ongoing investigations across multiple government agencies during an event commemorating the 17th anniversary of Galmudug State in Dhusamareb on Monday night. These investigations have led to the discovery of missing funds and the tracing of the destinations of these funds.

President Mohamud emphasized that the government’s anti-corruption efforts extend beyond lower-level employees within government agencies. High-profile individuals will also face corruption charges in court.

“While a group of defendants is before the court, our efforts will not stop there. You will witness influential figures standing trial,” declared the President of Somalia.

The President added that people stealing the nation’s assets demonstrate a lack of respect for the country’s welfare. He highlighted numerous cases of embezzlement where government funds were misappropriated to build large houses in Turkey and Kenya.

Somalia’s prosecutors have recently filed charges against 18 officials accused of various offences, including corruption, theft, diversion of public funds, document falsification, and dereliction of duty. Currently, nine accused individuals are in detention, while the remaining nine are believed to be outside the country.

Last July, Banadir Regional Court started live televising trials against four junior officials from the Immigration Department, facing corruption and public theft charges.

In March, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud endorsed bills aimed at combating corruption to help enhance transparency and accountability in managing financial resources in the country.