Massive fire devastates Taiwan Market, largest market in Somali region in Ethiopia



A devastating fire ravaged the Taiwan market, the largest market in Jigjiga, the administrative capital of the Somali regional state in Ethiopia, on Friday night.

According to a HOL reporter in the Somali region of Ethiopia, the Taiwan market was completely destroyed. “I can compare this disaster to what happened at the Waaheen market in Hargeysa , Somaliland in April last year,” he added.

No reports of fatalities or serious injuries resulted from the fire.

HOL reporter added that efforts to extinguish the flames proved unsuccessful, and the cause of the fire remains unknown at this time.

Firefighting assistance was dispatched from Hargeisa, Dirdhabe, and Harar to help the local people and regional officials, but unfortunately, their arrival was too late to prevent the extensive damage, the reporter said.

In March of last year, a fire swept through one of Jigjiga’s largest markets, consuming shops selling second-hand clothes and the vegetable market. Traders suspected the previous year’s fire was caused by a tank from the market’s electricity companies, although the official cause has not been confirmed.