Police arrest suspect in connection with Mogadishu mortar attack


Somali police have apprehended an individual in connection with the mortar attack near the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu on Tuesday. The attack killed a father, a son and a daughter from a family of six while the mother and two other daughters were injured.

The mortar attacks, which occurred on Tuesday morning, targeted several neighborhoods in the city. The house that was hit by artillery was located near the security ministry’s offices.

Somali police spokesman, Sadiq Adan Ali Doodishe, said that security forces conducted an operation in the Barwaqa neighborhood of the Deyniile district, the area from where the mortars were fired. The first suspect was apprehended during the operation.
Doodishe also mentioned that remnants of mortars and various unused items were discovered at the scene. Additionally, the police arrested three other suspects.

No group claimed the responsibility for that attack.

Somalia has been grappling with increasing insecurity in recent years. Al-Shabab is one of the main threats and is responsible for deadly attacks across the country and in neighboring Kenya.