Puntland interior minister says Somalia constitution is made incomplete and reduced to a mere “project” for soliciting money



Puntland Minister for Interior, Mohamed Abdirahman Dhamanad said it was important to give more power and priority to finalize Somalia’s roadmap for a complete constitution.

The Puntland interior minister said the process of completion of the Somalia constitution was reduced to a mere project, with no progress for 16 years and that it had been made to be a “briefcase” to raise and solicit for money from donor agencies and governments partners.

He added that the constitution of Somalia can be finalized in a short period of time if its dealt with honesty and goodwill but no one is focussing on that.

The statement from Puntland Minister for Interior comes at a time when the Somali Constitution is yet to be finalized and various government institutions and agencies mandate have lapsed.