Journalists association of Jubbaland calls on Journalists who aspire to contest for the top position to brace for elections


The organizing committee of the General Assembly of the Journalists association of Jubbaland has announced the schedule and date for the upcoming Journalists association of Jubbaland gathering.

The 3-day conference of the Journalists is scheduled to be held from Sep 28 in Kismayo, the Jubbaland state of Somalia.

The conference is open to journalists and media practitioners across Jubbaland regional state of Somalia.

The Journalists are expected to first register their identities before attending the conference event.

The Jubbaland Journalists association has called on anyone who aspires to contest for the top position of the organization to brace for elections.

The organizing committee of the Genral Assembly of the Journalists Association of the Jubbaland has also urged the Jubbaland media fraternity to play their part in ensuring that the elections of officials of the association are held transparently and in a free and fair manner.