Jubbaland issues tough security measures ahead of today’s upper house parliamentary poll in Kismayo


Ameeting between Jubbaland state and AMISOM officials has issued security decisions, particularly on the security of the Upper House polling stations.

The meeting, which took place in the port city of Kismayo, focused on security issues, most of which were directed at various Jubbaland government officials and troops.

The Jubbaland Security Minister Yusuf Osman Dhumal has instructed Jubbaland security agencies to prepare for the security of the elections, and to reorganize the polling stations to curb any incidents of insecurity during the polls.

General Dhumal also said that the entrances to Kismayo will be shut down and subsequently reorganized and that a soldier or other Jubbaland official will obey the orders of the authorities or action will be taken against them.

The tough and strict security measures from the Jubbaland security agencies comes as the upper house Parliamentary elections are set to take place today in Kismayo, the Jubbaland regional state of Somalia.