Puntland announces numerous cases of coronavirus infection


The Puntland Ministry of Health has released details of the latest cases of Covid 19 disease following the recurrence of the disease in the region.

A statement from the Ministry of Health said 572 people had been screened in one week, but 82 had been diagnosed, indicating an increase from previous weeks.

The Puntland Ministry of Health said most of the cases were in Garowe, with 57 cases reported.

The ministry is concerned that the resurgence of the coronavirus, particularly Somalia, might cause havoc in Puntland.

Finally, the Puntland Ministry of Health has called on the public to remain vigilant and anyone with a suspicion on the disease should go to a screening center and protect others.

Puntland is one of the areas marked as a COVID-19 Hotspot after the recent recurrence. A number of people have been diagnosed with the disease and are being treated.