Jubbaland State President visits the recently liberated Bulo Haji village, pledges government commitment to pacify the region


The President of Jubaland State, Ahmed Mohamed Islam has today visited Bulo Haji area in Lower Juba region which was recently liberated from the Al-Shabaab terrorist group

The President in a public address to the people of the area said that all government agencies will start social services, especially Health, Education, Water and Internet services that have recently been authorized for the area.

The Jubbaland State President further said that a local administration will be soon be established in the area.

The President promised the forces that liberated Bulo haji that no militia will ever have presence in the liberated area adding that a court will also be established in the area to arbitrate matters.

The Jubbaland State President said that the Al-Shabaab group has been inciting clan feuds which has caused clashes between the local clans in the area.