Somali army forces kill al-Shabab operative in Lower Shabelle region



Somali army forces killed an al-Shabab operative identified as Abdulkadir Haji Enow during a planned security operation in the Lower Shabelle region on Saturday.

The commander of the 26th unit of the 6th battalion, Farah Mohamud Hirsi, told Somali National Television on Sunday that information about the al-Shabab member who was killed in the operation was shared by residents of the villages in the Golweyn area.



Commander Farah Mohamud also stated that such operations will continue as they aim to eliminate members of the al-Shabab group in the Lower Shabelle region.

However, he did not provide further details about the rank of the killed operative within the group.


The military operation in the Lower Shabelle region comes a week after at least nine al-Shabab militants were killed in an airstrike conducted by Somali army forces, supported by international allies, in the Middle Shabelle and Galgadud regions.

The Ministry of Information reported that the airstrike took place in the areas of Ali Helle and Barag Sheikh Aamir. Four militants were killed in Ali Helle, while five others were killed in the Barag Sheikh Aamir area.