Somali Deputy PM meets with Caribbean and Pacific nations to discuss climate change and peace



A delegation led by Somali Deputy Prime Minister Salah Jama is attending the 10th Summit of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) in Angola’s capital Luanda.

The Summit began on the 6th of December and is expected to conclude on Saturday.

At least 79 Member States from three continents are participating in the Summit, as the first held following the ACP Group’s transformation into an international organization.

Heads of state and participants discussed climate change, economic growth, and security and peace challenges.

The Summit, which takes place every three years, is the highest body of the OACPS and allows the Heads of State and governments to define the major orientations of the organization.

OACPS comprises 49 African states, 19 from the Caribbean, including Cuba, which has a special status, and 11 from the Pacific.