NISA forces conduct operation in Gedo region


NISA forces have mounted a massive security operation in Gedo region aimed at boosting security in the region.

The operation came after several insecurity incidents in Garbaharey district, according to military officials.

NISA forces in armored vehicles have reached the mountainous area on the outskirts of Garbaharey district, where members of Al-Shabaab terror group are sometimes being spotted.

Officials leading the operation said they had cleared the roads of several landmines planted by Al-Shabaab to harm innocent civilians.

They also said operations would continue until Al-Shabaab was ousted from areas near Garbaharey, the capital of Gedo region, where elections for the 16-seat parliament are expected to take place soon.

The operation was carried out by NISA forces in Garbaharey district as Al-Shabaab militants recently launched a mortar attack on a government base in the district, but military officials said they had captured the attackers.