Registration of Upper House Candidates begins in Baidoa, South West state of Somalia


The President of South West regional state of Somalia has yesterday handed over the list of 10 candidates for the Upper House parliament to the Electoral Commission, which will begin registration today.

The South West State Electoral Commission has announced that the Upper House Candidates will be registered today ahead of the elections.

The committee also announced that the election of the members of the upper house of parliament will take place on Monday 2/8/2021 in Baidoa this week.

The members of the Upper House who are expected to be registered in Baidoa today and are running for 5 seats in the Upper House are as follows:

1: Adan Abdinasir Mohamed

Mohamed Hassan Aden

2: Dr. Hussein Mohamed Dahir

Hassan Mohamed Nur

3: Zamzam Ibrahim Cali

Sharifo Haji Osman Ibrahim

4: Mohamud Mohamed Abdinur (Garabeey)

Nur Baabul Adow

5: Ayaan Adan Abdullahi

Farhiyo Nur Adan

The South West Administration is expected to be the second administration to start the election of members of the Upper House.