ATMIS trains Hirshabelle police to combat financial crimes and terrorism financing


The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) has provided training to Police criminal investigation officers from Hirshabelle State to help them detect and combat financial crimes and disrupt terrorism financing.

The officers received theoretical and practical sessions, which increased their skills on financial intelligence, detecting money laundering, investigating corruption and fraud, and understanding investigative methods and procedures.

“ATMIS recognises the need to build the capacity of our Somali counterparts and provide them with knowledge in the face of the ever-growing trend of financial crimes and terrorism financing in Africa and globally,” said Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ernest Agbo, the ATMIS Police lead trainer in Jowhar.
He added “We are happy with the outcome of the training. This was evident during the question-and-answer sessions, where the officers displayed a high level of commitment. We are confident they are now well equipped to detect and stop illegal financial dealings and win the war on terrorism”.

The Hirshabelle State police traffic commander, Col. Hassan Daud, thanked ATMIS for the continued support and mentorship of the Somali Police Force. He requested more such training from ATMIS.

“I want to express my gratitude to ATMIS for the capacity building training they offered to the Hirshabelle State Police. I urge the officers to make efficient use of the skills they have acquired and request ATMIS to conduct more training and mentorship programmes for us,” said Col.Daud at the end of the training.

The ATMIS Civil Affairs officer for Hirshabelle State, Christopher Aria, and the ATMIS Burundi deputy contingent commander, Col. Dismas Hakizimana together with other senior officers from the Somali Police Force attended closing ceremony.