Somali journalists launch network to enhance role in environmental conservation



Somali journalists launched a new network of environmental journalists in Somalia this week intended to increase reporting on environmental challenges and opportunities in the country.

Environmental Journalists for Somalia (EJS) aims to bring together media professionals to enhance media focus on environmental issues in the country, which suffers from both natural and manmade problems.

According to the statement from the EJS, the network will focus on gathering journalists to report on environmental issues and climate change. The network strives to maintain the journalists’ role in covering environmental issues to inspire future generations on protection and conservation.

The objectives of the EJS include mainstreaming environmental journalism, enhancing the capacity of Somali journalists, addressing the intersection of women and the environment and advocating for human rights concerning the environment, the statement added.

The network is open to all Somali journalists covering environmental and sustainable development issues.

Director of Environmental Journalists for Somalia (EJS), Hassan Ali Osman, stated that the network is committed to empowering environmentalists who are contributing to the restoration of Somali landscapes, building resilience in their communities, and working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals.