AMISOM successor is aligned to Somali Transition Plan, AU envoy says


The African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security Bankole Adeoye has defended the formation of a new military force to replace AMISOM noting the new outfit was in line with Somalia’s plan to take over responsibilities from the African Union force.

Ambassador Adeoye who has been in Somalia for three days said the African Union Transitional Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) was crafted in conformity with Somalia’s security aspirations.

“ATMIS is 100 percent aligned with the Somalia Transition Plan. This implies that the strategy of the Government of Somalia and (objective of) ATMIS will be aligned. This is the number one factor that will make a difference,” Ambassador Adeoye stated.

The AU envoy added that the transitional force had the support of the UN and the EU noting it will adequately respond to threats from militant groups.

“This time around, Somalia’s plan is actually front and centre of ATMIS, with the full support of the European Union and the whole gamut of the United Nations,” the AU Commissioner added.

He explained that the new mission will be multi-dimensional, with clear timelines focusing on stabilization and state building processes but with a clear end goal in sight.

“ATMIS will have a mobile and agile force that can rapidly degrade, eliminate and decimate terrorists or armed groups that are making life difficult for the good people of Somalia,” he said.

“ATMIS will have a character of a mission with an end goal, and that end goal is to transfer the full responsibilities of security to the federal government of Somalia.”

Somalia and the African Union signed the agreement in January to form a transitional force which will operate for two years to prepare the ground for a take over by Somali Security Forces.