Somalia’s case to be heard by ICJ today amid high hopes and confidence


The Somali government is expected to hear its final verdict today at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), with the Somali delegation expressing hope and confidence.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will hear the conclusion of the Somali maritime case at 3:00 PM, after the court rejected Kenya’s request to return to the case.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Mahdi Mohamed Guled confirmed the court’s decision, with the Kenyan government ignoring it.

The Kenyan government has said it will take a case to the UN Security Council to find another solution for the maritime dispute.

The disputes between Kenya and Somalia is rooted in a disagreement over which direction the two countries’ border extends into the Indian Ocean.

Somalia argues that the maritime boundary should continue on in the same direction as the land border’s southeasterly path.

Kenya, meanwhile, insists that the border should take a roughly 45-degree turn at the shoreline and run in a latitudinal line, giving Nairobi access to a larger chunk of the sea.

In the recent past, Kenya and Somalia’s diplomatic relations have deteriorated, with Somalia citing interference in its sovereign affairs by the Kenyan government.