Calls for more women inclusivity takes Centre stage during the International Women’s day in Kismayo, Jubbaland State of Somalia


The Jubbaland Ministry of Women and Human Rights Affairs yesterday commemorated the annual International Women’s Day celebration in Kismayo, Jubbaland regional state of Somalia.

The March 8th event was attended by a host of people member from the Jubbaland state as well as civil society organizations.

Leaders attending the March 8th commemoration underscored the importance of Somali women in society building and being a firm foundation of a country.

Officials from Civil Society Organizations said the women are a strong pillar of the society and need to be empowered so that they can positively contribute to the development of the country.

The Minister for Women’s Affairs of the Jubbaland regional state Ms. Qamar Deck Haji Qaliif, gave a short speech on the need to give women their rights and privileges so that they be part and parcel of the country and its struggles.

Qamar Deck said more women inclusivity in government and other organizations in state is inevitable owing to the aggressiveness of modern day women.

#ChooseToChallenge is theme for this year’s International Women’s Day 2021 as the world commemorates the International Women’s Day.