Jubbaland clerics call on the Somali people to work for peace, unity and brotherhood



Religious leaders and clerics in Kismayo, the Jubbaland state of Somlia have warned against inflammatory remarks that could provoke civil strife on social media.

The clerics called on the government, traditional elders and the Somali community in general to be vigilant against any incitement to hatred and to preserve brotherhood, unity and solidarity.

The agitated clerics called on the government officials to fear God and maintain security and justice, support all those who are wronged and bring those accused of any wrong doings to be brought to justice.

“The government is supreme in the country and are the ones who were supposed to be the leaders of peace and a good example worth of following. We are calling on all and sundry who are out to make angry remarks and propagate incitement in the country to cease and repent to God and not to divide the brotherly nation of Somalia”, noted the clerics.