Government inspects new established checkpoints in Mogadishu


The commander of the Somali Police Force and other officers last night inspected a checkpoint set up by the Somali government in Mogadishu.
The checkpoints are areas recently cleared of stones by the Somali government.
The Somali Police Force Commander said they have visited about 15 checkpoints between the eastern part of Mogadishu in Karan district and the western part of Mogadishu in Kahda district.
He said the purpose of their inspection was to find out how the police are maintaining security in Mogadishu adding that the people welcomed the opening of the streets in Mogadishu.
The Somali Police Force Commander met separately with the officers at the checkpoint and demanded that civilians not to be harassed and that traffic be facilitated.
On the 13th of this month, the Somali government held a ceremony in Mogadishu to inaugurate the streets of Mogadishu and there were complaints from some motorists who said that the roads were blocked with stones and that the troops were asking for money.