Galmudug Police Arrests Suspect Involved In Hamdi’s Rape And Murder Case


Police in Galmudug have arrested a suspect involved in the rape and murder case of High School graduate Hamdi Mohamed Farah who was raped and killed in Mogadishu last week.

The Galmudug Police have arrested the suspect named Mohamed Ibrahim Osman in a late night operation in the town of Adado.

Deputy Police Commissioner Gen. Zakiya Hussein said in a statement on her Facebook page that the 24-year-old suspect Mohamed Ibrahim Osman was a suspect in the rape and murder case and have been arrested in a police dragnet.

“Galmudug police arrested Mohamed Ibrahim Osman, 24, a Mogadishu-born suspect in a late night police operation in Adado on suspicion of being involved in the case of the late Hamdi Mohamed Farah. We thank the people of Galmudug for assisting the police in apprehending the fugitive”, Reads part of the Facebook page.

The suspect is said to have fled to Galmudug state after the incident which happened in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The Somali Police Force recently announced that several people are being held in connection with the rape and murder of the late Hamdi Mohamed Farah who was brutally murdered after being raped and thrown from a 6-storey building.