Somali Ministry of Education announces new recruitment drive for 3,000 teachers


The Ministry of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia, building on the success of a similar recruitment drive last year, has announced its plan to recruit 3,000 teachers to further strengthen the country’s education system.

State Minister of Education Nuura Mustaf Mukhtaar revealed the plan to the media, emphasizing that the Ministry aims to provide significant opportunities for Somali teachers in Mogadishu and other regional states.

“The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Higher Education is pleased to announce the second phase of Somali teacher recruitment, with 3,000 teachers to be hired,” Mukhtaar said.

“Special priority will be given to female teachers, with 30% of the recruited teachers being women. The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Higher Education announces that the application portal for teachers is open, and the opportunity for teacher recruitment is also open starting from 2/07/2024,” said State Minister Nuura Mustaf.

Last year, the Ministry recruited 3,000 teachers, who are now officially part of the National Teachers of Somalia. These teachers currently serve in various educational institutions under the Ministry of Education.