UN opposed Ethiopia’s violation of Somalia’s independence



The acting UN envoy to Somalia, James Swan, briefed the security council on the situation in the country, especially in terms of politics, the completion of the constitution, security and the fight against Al-Shabaab.

Swan, at the Security Council meeting, said that Somalia is currently facing many challenges, including Ethiopia’s blatant interference in the country’s sovereignty after an agreement with Somaliland that caused a diplomatic crisis.

“I am concerned about the crisis in the Horn of Africa region, which is the result of the maritime agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia on January 1, 2024. I call for the preservation of the independence and unity of Somalia, and I call on the two governments to resolve the conflict peacefully. , in line with international law and the UN Charter,” said James Swan.

The call of the acting UN envoy was joined by the US ambassador to the Security Council who said that the crisis between Somalia and Ethiopia is a matter of great concern to the Biden administration, as it harms the stability of the Horn of Africa region and the joint effort to weaken the power of Al- Shabaab.

The United States and the UN have welcomed the achievements of the Somali government in debt relief, constitutional review, lifting the arms embargo and becoming a member of the East African Community and the Security Council.

Ethiopia entered into an illegal agreement with the Somaliland administration earlier this year in which it wants to expand 20 km of the sea, where it wants to build an army base and a port.

Abukar Baalle, Somalia’s ambassador to the UN, said that Ethiopian troops have entered the country in recent weeks, coming from several directions, and fought with the Somali army.

This issue comes at a time when Somalia’s national security adviser said recently that the entire Ethiopian army will leave the country in December 2024.