Somaliland demands investigation into torture of youths accused in aviation expert’s murder



Somaliland has called on human rights organizations and embassies in Mogadishu to investigate the arrest and treatment of youths accused of murdering Abdinasir Dahable, an aviation expert whose death has sparked significant controversy.

Somaliland’s Minister of Information, Ali Hassan Mohamed, known as ‘Ali Marehan,’ stated on Monday that the accused had been imprisoned under harsh conditions. Several suspects were arrested shortly after Dahable’s death in February 2024, under allegations of involvement in his murder.

“The youth detained in Mogadishu, accused of Dahable’s murder, have been subjected to torture and false accusations,” said Ali Marehan.

Dahable, a respected aviation professional, was found dead under suspicious circumstances in February 2024. His death led to a heated exchange between Somaliland and the Somali government, with both sides trading accusations. Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi previously blamed the Somali government for failing to ensure Dahable’s safety.

An autopsy released by Somaliland authorities revealed that Dahable had been tortured before his death, intensifying the call for justice and transparency in the investigation. The Somali government, however, has been criticized for its handling of the case, with allegations of incompetence and corruption.

Following the murder, Somaliland urged its citizens in Mogadishu to evacuate due to safety concerns following the arrest of the suspects.

In early May, the Somali government released ten suspects previously detained in connection with Dahable’s murder after forensic investigations, assisted by Turkish experts, found no evidence linking them to the crime.

The breakaway Republic of Somaliland has criticized the Somali government for its handling of the case, with allegations of incompetence and corruption. “The Somali government is hesitant to release or prosecute the accused, fearing failure and resorting to torture,” claimed Ali Marehan.

Marehan urged foreign embassies and international organizations in Mogadishu to investigate the conditions of the imprisoned youths and ensure a fair and transparent legal process.