Somali clans reach preliminary agreement to stop deadly clash in Galgadud


Galmudug regional state leader Ahmed Abdi Kariye and traditional elders from two rival clans that fought in the Galgadud region last weekend have agreed to three provisions to stop the deadly fighting immediately.

Galmudug President Kariye, who visited the areas where the fighting took place, met with elders and intellectuals from both sides to discuss a quick solution to the conflict, which killed 55 people and wounded over 60 others.

The three parties agreed to a ceasefire and to cooperate with security forces. Secondly, they agreed to separate the militias. Finally, they agreed to prepare for a peace conference in Dhusamareb, the capital of Galmudug state.

Galmudug’s Minister of Information, Abshir Abdi Shikhow, linked the fighting between militias from the two rival clans to a dispute over grazing land and water. Shikhow added that the deadly fighting was between the Dir and Marihan clans.