Mogadishu court acquits two Ministry of Labor directors in corruption case


The Court of Appeal of Banadir region acquitted two former Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs directors of corruption charges today.

The Chairman of the Court of Appeal, Sayid Ali Mohamed, announced that the court did not find any crime committed by Abdullahi Mohamed Ali and Mohamed Adde Mukhtar and ordered the relevant agencies to release them and restore their freedom.

In contrast, the court sentenced Abdiwahid Muhsin Ibrahim, an employee of the Ministry of Labor, to three years in prison after it was found that money was deposited in his account instead of the government treasury.

Last month, the Banadir regional court also acquitted Mohamed Adan Jimale Koofi, the former director of Somalia’s immigration and citizenship agency, and Muhidin Hassan Jurus ‘Saabey,’ the head of taxation at the Ministry of Finance, in corruption cases.