Jubbaland Darawish Forces take part in environmental cleanup along Kismayo sea shores


The Jubbaland Darawish Forces have today took part in an environmental cleanup campaign to clear garbage that have piled up at the shores of Kismayo sea.

The clean up campaign which is expected to continue for 3 days is being conducted by the Jubbaland Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and is aimed at restoring the beauty of the environment and the beaches in Kismayo town.

The head of public affairs at the Kismayo district, Najib Barre Salad and the commander of Jubbaland Darawish army, Ismail Sahardiid were part of the campaign to clean up the beaches of Kismayo.

The Deputy Minister for the Jubbaland Ministry of Security, Adan Ahmed Haji who was also part of the clean up exercise has underscored the importance of cleaning the sea shores and lauded the Jubbaland Darawish army for participating in the cleanup for the restoration of beauty in Kismayo.

The Minister for Environment and Climate Change of Jubbaland state, Ayid Saleeban Hashi said that the army can sometimes multi-task and cover for the defense and security of the community and similarly do environmental clean up exercises which is quite important for the community.