Jubbaland State First Vice President visits Elwak in Gedo region, meets with KDF troops


The first Vice President of the Jubaland Regional Government, Mohamud Sayid Aden today met with the Kenya Defense Force (KDF) officers in Eelwaq district of Gedo region.

The meeting was held at the Kenyan army camp in Eelwaq,. The President was accompanied by the Minister of Internal Affairs for Jubaland state, the Minister for Security, the Minister for Ports and Maritime Transport of Jubaland state, the Minister of State for the Ministry of Security of Jubaland and the Commander of the Jubaland Army in Gedo region.

The meeting extensively discussed how to improve the security and stability of the district and for the Kenyan army to redouble their efforts in the fight against terror elements.

Lastly, the first Vice President of Jubaland state thanked the leaders, army officers and the general public as well as the Kenyan government for their selfless role in restoring peace and stability in Somalia, especially in the regional government areas of Jubaland State of Somalia.