Turkish Police delegation arrives in Mogadishu to enhance training for Haramad police unit



The Head of Foreign Relations of the Turkish Police Force, Gökhan, and his Deputy, Turgay are in Mogadishu to meet with Somali police officials.

The Deputy Commissioner of the Somali Police Force, General Zakia Hussein, along with other police officials, welcomed the delegation at theAden Adde International Airport.

Somali National News Agency (SONNA) reported that Somali Police Chief Brigadier General Sulub Ahmed Firin invited the delegation to Mogadishu, although further details were not mentioned. The Turkish Police delegation stated that their trip aimed to expedite the resumption of training for the Haramad police unit and accelerate the rebuilding of Somali army forces.

However, the arrival of the Turkish police officials came a day after President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visited the army training schools of TurkSom, General Dhaga-Badan, and General Daud camps in Mogadishu to inspect army units departing for the front lines and high-level training in Turkey.

President Mohamud emphasized the government’s commitment to conclude the struggle to free the country from terrorism successfully. He also highlighted the expectations of people residing in areas under al-Shabab control who are eager to be liberated.

In February, Turkey and Somalia signed a defense and economic cooperation agreement to enhance bilateral relations and regional stability. Following the defense deal, the two countries signed an offshore energy cooperation accord, paving the way for a deepening Turkish presence in the Horn of Africa.

President Mohamud, who also spoke to the media after signing the agreements, noted that Turkey is already assisting Somalia with humanitarian aid, budgetary support, and the training of security forces.