Puntland President’s committee chairman accuses opposition of reluctance in talks



The chairman of the seven-member committee appointed by the Puntland President to negotiate with the opposition group has accused the opposition of being reluctant to engage in talks to resolve the election dispute.

The chairman, who also serves as the Minister of Internal Affairs of Puntland State, Abdi Said Farah Juha, emphasized on Monday that the opposition does not appear prepared to negotiate despite the upcoming election data being only a few weeks away.

“We approached them and made contact, but they are refraining from negotiating with us,” said the minister. He noted that there is still an opportunity for dialogue and urged the opposition groups to come to the table to address the election dispute.

The minister’s statement comes in response to the opposition’s claim that they are waiting for decisions from the SSC-Khatumo committee, which is actively working to resolve the election issues.