Local militia forces kill three al-Shabab terrorists in central Somalia


At least three al-Shabab terrorists were killed, and another was apprehended alive in an operation carried out by local clan militia forces in Bulacle village in Galgadud region, the state media reported yesterday.

Leaders of the local militia forces told the Somali National Television that eight terrorists engaged in a firefight with the local forces. They also displayed an AK47 rifle and a motorbike seized from the militants during the operation.

The country’s security forces, along with officials led by the governor of Dhusamareb, Moalim Abdirahman Geedagorow, visited the village to offer encouragement and support to the local forces in their collaboration with the National Army in the fight against al-Shabab.

Tuesday’s operation comes just two days after at least 70 al-Shabaab terrorists were killed in a military operation conducted by the Somali National Army backed by local militias in north-central Mudug province. The joint force raided al-Shabaab terrorist hideouts and gathering places in the town of Aad.