Somali clans reach preliminary agreement to halt deadly inter-clan fighting in Middle Shabelle


Two Somali clans have reached a preliminary agreement to end the recent inter-clan fighting in the Adale and Raage Cele districts in the Middle Shabelle region, which resulted in the deaths of over a dozen people.

The former President of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and traditional elder Ugas Mohamud Ali Ugas led a delegation of elders and politicians from the region to facilitated Sunday’s agreement to end the hostilities.

In their efforts to find a solution to the conflict, the involved members have designated four areas for the deployment of the fighting tribal forces: Bos Muluq, Gayfo, El Harar, and Bursho Sheikh, all of which are within the Adale and Raage Ele districts.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Hirshabelle administration, Abdi Dahir Guure Karore, the peace process successfully led to the separation of the rival armies when former President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and representatives of the warring clans arrived at the sites of the conflict.

However, the conflict between the warring clans has been ongoing for more than a year, resulting in numerous casualties and reports of villages being burned down on both sides.

Last week, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud addressed the recurring inter-clan conflicts in the Middle Shabelle region during his conversation with the Hirshabelle President at Jowhar’s airport.