Jowhar devastated by Shabelle River floods, district commissioner appeals for assistance



Multiple villages near Jowhar, the temporary administrative capital of the Hirshabelle region, have been experiencing severe flooding from the Shabelle River since Thursday.

This flood has dealt a severe blow to farmers in more than 72 villages, washing away approximately 50 hectares of farmland. As a result, hundreds of families have been compelled to abandon their homes and seek shelter elsewhere.

Osman Mohamed Mukhtar, the district commissioner of Jowhar town in the Middle Shabelle region, highlighted the many challenges these displaced individuals faced due to the Shabelle River’s flooding. Mukhtar called on the federal government and the Somali populace to immediately assist the displaced persons.

Last month, floods forced nearly a quarter of a million people to evacuate their homes after the Shabelle River in central Somalia burst its banks, submerging the town of Beledweyne. The flash flooding occurred even as the country grapples with its most severe drought in four decades, as per government reports.

Warnings from aid agencies and scientists have emphasized that the climate crisis is one of the major factors intensifying humanitarian emergencies, while those affected are among the least responsible for CO2 emissions.

Humanitarian partners have rallied to address the crisis, providing essential assistance to around 70% of those affected in Beletweyne. The Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF) has set aside $3 million to ensure safe drinking water, sanitation aid, non-food essentials, and health services for flood victims across Somalia.