Somalia Embassy in Serbia welcomes students who received educational scholarship in Serbia


The Embassy of Somalia in Belgrade, Serbia welcomed the Somali students who won the scholarship given by the Government of Serbia to the Government of Somalia.

The scholarships named “WORLD IN SERBIA” is an educational scholarship that came after the restoration of relations between the two countries and the role played by the embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Belgrade.

The Federal Government of Somalia has thanked the Government of Serbia for the opportunity it has given to the future Somali youth.

In recent years, the Somali Embassy in Belgrade has been committed to strengthening the relationship between the two countries and fulfilling the interests of Somali citizens.

Ambassador Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed thanked the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education of the Somali Federal government for the good relations with Serbia.

The Ambassador has also urged the youthful students who received the scholarship opportunities to study well and to make good use of the initiative.