Russia announces nuclear threat


Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that if World War III breaks out, it could lead to the use of nuclear weapons.

The statement from the RIA news agency came a day after Lavrov said at a disarmament conference in Geneva that Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia last week, was looking for a nuclear weapon.

Lavrov gave no evidence other than to say that “Ukraine still has Soviet nuclear technology and is committed to developing such weapons.”

The foreign minister also said Russia would face a “real threat” if Ukraine acquired nuclear weapons.

Russia launched a land, air and sea strike on Ukraine last Thursday, the largest air strike by any European country since World War II.

The move comes in the wake of Western countries, which have imposed severe economic sanctions on Russia and provided arms and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

The United States on Tuesday announced a ban on all Russian flights to its territory, following a similar move by the European Union and Canada.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday placed his nuclear arsenal on high alert, raising fears that the crisis could lead to a nuclear war.

Putin said his decision came after NATO forces issued “aggressive statements” and also imposed strong sanctions on Russia.

According to international studies, Russia has the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world, with an estimated 6,255, with the United States having 5,550, followed by China and France with 350 and 290 respectively.