US warns of Al-Shabaab terrorist attacks on Somali and Kenyan airspace


The United States has warned civilian aircraft flying between Somalia and Kenya to be on the lookout for attacks by Al Shabaab militants.

According to a recommendation issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Saturday (February 26th), Kenyan airlines have been warned to be careful not to fly at low altitudes as they are at risk of being overrunning weapons capable of launching air strikes.

The agency said the warning was based on intelligence and assessments of the Somali-based Al-Shabaab group, which wants to launch a new wave of terrorist attacks.

The United States says Alshabab terror group has weapons capable of hitting aircraft at altitudes of up to 25,000 feet, targeting them while flying or landing.

The move comes a month after several European embassies issued terror warnings to Kenyans to stay away from public places.