Somali government condemns Taiwan-Somaliland talks


Somalia’s ambassador to China, Awale Ali Kilane, has condemned the talks between Taiwan and Somaliland.

Ambassador Awale Kilane also expressed outrage at Taiwan’s move to open an office in Somaliland.

“We condemn Taiwan’s treatment of Somaliland, and we will always uphold the sovereignty of Somalia and the territorial integrity of Somalia whether it is Taiwan or anyone else in northern Somalia, and instability in the region through the establishment of diplomatic ties with a breakaway region, “said Somalia’s ambassador to China.

The ambassador said that the resource agreement between Somaliland and Taiwan is null and void, adding that it will not allow Taiwan or anyone trying to plunder Somalia’s resources, using fake agreements which does not comply with international law.

Somalia’s ambassador to China says Taiwan should refrain from interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs.

In the last two years, Taiwan and Somaliland have established what they describe as a relationship between two independent states. The two sides have formed separate representatives