Somali education development conference opens in Nairobi, Kenya


A delegation from the Ministry of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia led by the Director General of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education of the Federal government of Somalia, Mohamed Abdi Hassan and Somali regional state Directors Generals of the Ministries of Education have met in Nairobi , Kenya with World Bank officials for the Repeated Expenditures and Financial Reform (RCRF) project, which will address the achievements of the 2021 Education Development Project, challenges and action plans for 2022, to discuss how to expand the RCRF-funded education and enrichment services in the country.

The four-day conference will focus on sustaining the achievements of the Education Services delivery project, accelerating the school inspection plan and improving the Somali education standards.

The Ministry of Education has also introduced a Digitized System for the inspection of schools in the country which was prepared by the Ministry and recently and tested in about 60 schools in the regional administrations and the Benadir region.

The Ministry of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia has also unveiled a National Oversight Plan that will monitor all schools in the country to improve the quality of education in the country.