Puntland President Appoints Committee for 1st August Puntland state’s formation commemoration


Puntland President Sacid Abdullahi Deni has appointed a committee to organize and implement the August 1st commemoration of the formation of the Puntland Administration.

The members of the 7-member committee are mostly Puntland President’s ministers.

1.  Hassan Shire Abdi – Minister for Finance (Chairman).

2.  Abdisamed Mohamed Gallan -Minister for Security and DDR (Member)

3.  Amino Osman Jama – Minister for Women’s Affairs (Member)

4.  Jama Farah Muse – Minister for Labor and Employment (Member)

5. Abdisalan Said Farah – Deputy Minister for Information

6. Abdi Hassan Hussein -Commander of the Police Force (Member)

7. Mohamed Abdirashid Ali -Director General of the Presidency (Member)