Jubbaland state police bans wearing of niqab and burqa in public


The Jubbaland State Police Force has once again tightened the ban on wearing the niqab and burqa which they said can be used as a disguise in carrying out acts of terror by enemies.

The state police said they are aiming to strengthen security since the niqab and burqa can be used as a veil by enemies for acts of insecurity.

An order was issued a few years ago in the Jubbaland regional state of Somalia banning the wearing of the burqa at a time when the Al-Shabaab terrorist group tried to use men with niqab and burqa to impersonate Somali women to harass civilians and carry out terror activities.

Speaking to Jubbaland media, the Jubbaland Police Force Commander Sidiq Mohamud Hassan (Dhogor) said that from today, May 23, 2021, the ban on niqab and burqa has been tightened to strengthen public safety.

“We are tightening the ban on wearing of niqab and burqa in public for the safety of everyone in Jubbaland state. We will not allow anyone wearing niqab and burqa. We will arrest and prosecute anyone found wearing such in public,” said Sidiq Mohamud Hassan.