Former South Africa Leader Jacob Zuma set to appear in court


Observers speculate that his case might be postponed again given that all his lawyers quit last month, without publicly giving a reason.

If the trial is pushed forward, it may allow him to reorganize a new legal team that will represent him in the graft case and this may further delay the case.

The court in Pietermaritzburg is examining 16 charges of fraud, graft and racketeering relating to a 1999 purchase of fighter jets, patrol boats and military gear from five European arms firms for 30 billion rand — equal to almost $5.0 billion at the time.

He has lodged a string of unsuccessful series of appeals to have the charges dropped.

For now, Zuma’s repeated refusal to testify to the commission has led to a judicial stalemate.

But he has been named directly or indirectly by more than 30 witnesses before the panel, whose findings may be used for investigation and prosecution purposes