Prime Minister Roble and the Union of Candidates reach a new 10-point agreement



A 10-point agreement was reached in Mogadishu between Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and the Union of Candidates in the presence of Galmudug and Hirshabelle regional state leaders.

The 10 points of the agreement are:

  1. That all the forces in the conflict who are currently in the city to go back to the areas they came from and driven out of the city for 48 hours starting from 05-05-2021.
  1. That the rights of these forces such as salaries, ranks and responsibilities, are not affected by the violence in Mogadishu and that no action can be taken against them.
  1. To resolve separately the Officers with special circumstances, such as Ranks, Salaries and other Military Rights.
  1. Build trust between security agencies and politicians with security concerns.
  2. The Prime Minister issues a decree instructing the commanders of the Armed Forces.

(a). Not to get involved in politics.

(b). Not to issue orders that could lead to insecurity and political unrest.

  1. Appoint a committee of military experts to advise the Prime Minister on the reform of the national army.
  1. The Armed Forces should not be used for political purposes and should not be interfered with.
  1. That all parties refrain from actions and statements that may provoke violence and hatred.
  1. Return of vehicles and weapons confiscated during the fighting in Mogadishu and release of those arrested.
  1. The Prime Minister and his Government shall be responsible for the implementation of these provisions.