Security forces in Mogadishu raid Mustaqbal Radio station, injures staff and destroys broadcasting equipment


Somali government forces this morning stormed the headquarters of Mustaqbal Radio, a local radio station in Mogadishu, and destroyed as well as confiscated all radio and video equipment belonging to the radio station.

The armed security officers are also said to have tortured and threatened some of the station’s staff, according to the station’s management.

The chairman and director of Mustaqbal radio service, Ahmed Isse Gutale confirmed to Radio Kismayo that the government forces destroyed the station’s equipment and wreck massive havoc.

He said the forces also tortured and seriously harmed the station journalist Bashir Mohamud Yusuf (BK).

” we have been raided today morning by a contingent of government security forces who stormed our radio station and gave serious bodily harm to some of our journalist at the station as well as confiscationg some of our broadcaasting equipment and destroying some of our other equipment. this is so scary and uncalled for,” Said Ahmed Isse Gutale.

No official information has yet been released by the government forces following the massive crackdown on the Mustaqbal media house.