The Somali national salvation forum sends complaint letter to the African Union



The Somali National Salvation Forum has sent a letter to the Chairperson of the African Union Peace and Security Council who is Djibouti’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Mohamed Idris Farah, protesting the extension of the mandate of the Somali government.

The letter was sent to the Embassy of Djibouti in Ethiopia and which informed the chairman of Peace and Security Council of the African Union.

The Somali national salvation forum said they are concerned about the deteriorating political situation is Somalia and they are warmly welcoming the efforts of the African Union to provide the solution to all the contentious issues in the country.

In a statement to Ambassador Mohamed Idris Farah, the Somali National Salvation forum said the AU Peace and Security Council opposes the extension of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s term in parliament.

The statement also said that they were ready to come to the negotiating table and that outgoing president Mohamed farmajo had monopolized the Somali politics.

The forum suggested that it welcomes any talks to reach an agreement on September 17 and opposes the extension of the mandate of government institutions.

The judiciary in Somalia is still under reconstruction and the African Union and the international community look forward to supporting Somalia in these areas.

The National Salvation Forum, a coalition of opposition politicians and leaders of the Puntland and Jubbaland administrations, sent a message to the United Nations Security Council two days ago registering their complaint and displeasure on the term extension.

The African Union Peace and Security Council will convene today on Somalia, with the AU taking a leading role in resolving the political crisis.