Premier Roble expected to take over Somali poll security



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Somali government has sent a letter to the Security Council of the United Nations which discussed security related issues and constraints in conducting the Somali poll.

The lengthy statement said that the caretaker Prime Minister of the Somali Federal Government, Mohamed Hussein Roble had been handed over the security of the elections following concerns from many various stakeholders.

“In response to concerns about electoral security, we would like to emphasize that the National Electoral Commission, led by the Prime Minister, will be technically responsible for electoral security,” The statement said.

On several occasions, letters from the Union of Candidates have demanded that the security of the election not be relied upon by the outgoing Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, who they said has been using the military for his political gain and thus demanding the transfer of the poll security to his premier.