Puntland state President claims the video release of Information Minister Dubbe was pre-arranged by the federal Government


Puntland regional President Sacid Abdullahi Deni has given details of a meeting between the heads of state and government in Mogadishu that ended inconclusively, according to an interview with the Somali service of the Voice of America.

President Saciid Deni said that the video released by the government yesterday in which the Minister for information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia Osman Abukar Dubbe said that Puntland and Jubbaland state did not attend the conference was pre-arranged and that the federal government was already planning to thwart the Afisiyoni meetings.

Saciid Deni said Information Minister Abukar Dubbe was in a meeting with officials yesteray, but was not wearing the uniform he wore when he appeared at the press conference slamming Puntland and Jubbaland state heads.

The Somali Information Minister blamed the failure of the conference on the leaders of Jubbaland and Puntland regional states whom he said “do not want” elections to be held in the country.