Puntland threatens to take over Somaliland-controlled areas of Las Anod and Erigavo


The Puntland regional government said it will retake Las Anod in the Sool region and Erigavo in the Sanaag region, which are under the control of Somaliland.

The Puntland Minister for Interior Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabancad, who was questioned at Barnta Club House, said they were finalizing plans to take over the towns.

“Sanaag region is completely under the control of Puntland regional state with the exception of Erigavo district. Erigavo is under construction and will be completed, and Las Anod will be completed without much work,” said Minister Mohamed Dhabanad.

Speaking at the Afisiyoni Tents Conference currently underway in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, the Puntland interior Minister said that the international community had laid the groundwork and convened the conference so that a consensus can be reached and move the Somali nation forward.

The statement from the Puntland Minister for Interior comes at a time when the Somali nation is in a period of transition and elections are expected to take place soon after all parties agreed on the poll matter.